Getting Started:
1. Download mIRC.
2. Connect to our server: IRC.I-WWF.NET.
3. Join the channel #StreetRacing.
4. Follow the prompts.

Profile Commands
Register your name: /msg RacerBOT !register (password)
Identify: /msg RacerBOT !identify (password)
View your level/experience/money: /msg RacerBOT !profile
View your cars: /msg RacerBOT !garage

Buy and Upgrade Cars:
Kim's Kustoms car dealership: /msg RacerBOT !dealership
Buy a car: /msg Racerbot !buycar (number)
Street Racing Shop: /msg RacerBOT !shop
View available upgrades: /msg RacerBOT !upgrade (car number)
Upgrade car: /msg RacerBOT !upgrade (car number) (part)

Race, Win Money, Level Up
Start race registration: /msg #StreetRacing !race start (race fee)
Cancel race registration: /msg #StreetRacing !race cancel
Enter the race: /msg #StreetRacing !race enter (car number)
Begin the race: /msg #SteetRacing !race begin

For the moment all races must have 4 entrants, vacant spaces will be filled by AI opponents.
After each race the prize pool is divided as such:
1st: 55% + 4 experience points.
2nd: 30% + 3 experience points.
3rd: 10% + 2 experience points.
4th: 5% + 1 experience point.
Experience points are used to level, the higher level you attain the more cars become available to purchase.

Run out of cash?
Declare that you are bunkrupt: /msg RacerBOT !bankrupt

Your sponsers will try and raise some money for you, however every time you go bunkrupt it will show up on your profile.
AI Driver Profiles:
Toyota Camry

Ford Fiesta

Honda Civic