Get Connected
1. Download mIRC.
2. Connect to our server: IRC.I-WWF.NET.
3. Join the channel #Poker.

Start A Game
nlhe start - Game registration begins.
nlhe stop - Stop the game.
add - Join the poker game.
remove - Part the poker game.
begin - When you are ready for the game to begin, game will start when more than half the entrants agree.

Play Poker
check - If no one has bet, check to pass on the betting.
fold - If you no longer wish to continue in the hand.
call - see an opponents bet or raise.
bet (amount) - make an opponent call this amount to continue in the hand.
raise (amount) - if an opponent has already bet, you can raise the bet higher.
raise to (amount) - raise an opponents bet to a specific total.
all in - bet all your chips.
sit out - need to take a break, sit out and the game will continue without you.
sit in - when you come back, sit back in to return to playing the game.

Bragging Rights
stats - see your wins, loses, points and ranking.
top5 - the top5 ranked players in the game.

Hand Rankings