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April 20, 2008 - February 09, 2009
RE: Imitators
Written by nettocash at 2:50 pm on 2/09/09
"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", Thank You

- The IWWF Staff Team

Royal Rumble
Written by nettocash at 4:06 am on 1/19/09
Thank You to everyone who showed up for the IWWF Royal Rumble. You all really made a different, and gave IWWF a great start for 2009 with a very successful PPV.

The Road to Wrestle Mania V begins now!

- The IWWF Staff Team

Congratulations, JackSwagger!
Written by nettocash at 2:24 am on 1/18/09
Please welcome the newest member of the IWWF Staff Team, JackSwagger. As of January 16th 2009 he as offered to do the graphic work for all events when it is needed.

On behalf of the rest of the IWWF Staff Team, I would like to say Thank You and welcome to the team. I know you're more than qualified for this job, and have no doubts that you're one of the best Graphic Artists for this position.

- The IWWF Staff Team

Interference during Events
Written by nettocash at 3:37 am on 1/06/09
As of today, January 6th 2009, all weekly and monthly events are required to have interference enabled. The only exception is championship matches.

Failure to abide by this new policy may result in a automatic loss for an event and/or the loss of ability to start/stop matches.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. But, this topic has been opened for debate with a poll for the last 2 weeks on the forum. There has been constant reminders to vote, and voice your opinion during the last week. The final results were 3-2 in favor of "Yes, Enable Interference during event matches".

However, IWWF has always been a fair place. So if 3-4+ people have been attacking 1 player during EVERY match for weeks then i'm sure IWWF Staff will make some changes to this new policy.

- The IWWF Staff Team

Happy Holidays
Written by nettocash at 8:59 am on 12/26/08
IWWF wishes everyone a Happy Holiday and Happy New Years!

Stay safe, have fun, enjoy the holiday, and hope to see you all back on the active roster after the holiday season is over.

- The IWWF Staff Team

Written by nettocash at 6:24 pm on 7/04/08
Hostlayer just bought a brand new server so they can sell VPS Servers, and will be moving i-wwf.net over to the new server.

This means the domain i-wwf.net will be down until the nameservers are updated.

You can still connect to IWWFNet via if irc.i-wwf.net fails.

WrestleMania IV
Written by nettocash at 9:09 am on 4/20/08
Thank You to everyone that attended WrestleMania IV. Full PPV Results have been posted on the PPV Page.

You can Click here to view the results for WrestleMania IV.

Congratulations to...
- Banging on winning the IWWF Championship Title
- IPT on becoming a 3-Time Undisputed TagTeam Champion of I-Wrestling
- Mick Lucifer, Aussie Outsider, and Sith for being inducted into the 08' I-Wrestling Hall Of Fame