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IWWF is an IRC based wrestling channel, where you can square off with an opponent in a match, using Refbot. Refbot is a one of a kind IRC bot that handles the matches. You use actions to do your moves, and Refbot handles the rest. There are numerous match types, including Regular, Hardcore, Cage, and Ladder, just to name a few. Refbot features full stat tracking, so all of your wins and losses will be recorded. Refbot also features a Title system, where you can wrestle for belts.

We are located on IWWFNet, and have been offering top-notch irc entertainment for over 10 years.

The easiest way to get into IWWF, is to download an IRC client, such as mIRC, connect to IRC.I-WWF.NET, and join our channel, #IWWF. Alternatively, you can use our Java Chat client, located under the Interactive menu.

We hope to see you there soon!

- Josh Kronick

- Screenshot of the Action #1
- Screenshot of the Action #2
- Screenshot of the Action #3
- Screenshot of the Stats
- Screenshot of the Titles
- Screenshot of the Match Types

All screenshots were taken using the IWWF Script, available in our Downloads section.

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